Pilgrims & Strangers

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I put this video together after taking a fishing trip to Wisconsin. For some of the shots I used a flexible tripod affixed to a tree branch.

Camera: iPhone X

Software: Adobe Premier

Shop Local: Studium

Published by Citygram Magazine

This video accompanied my written shop local feature on the co-disciplinary space, Studium. Chris Perez filmed and I edited his clips in this short tour of the space.

Software: Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects


Published by Katelyn Orlowski

Thriftquest tells the story of one man's passion for thrift shopping. Michael Reisor loves the hunt and the feeling of finding something unique or valuable in a thrift shop. I followed him on a trip to Goodwill where he found a designer pair of shoes and then got a sneak peak of all of his treasures at his home.

Camera: Nikon D7000

Software: Adobe Premier