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The Multimedia Newsroom is produced and published by the UT-Austin Journalism Department's senior portfolio classes. The portfolio class is the Journalism capstone for the Moody College of Communication and a way for students to showcase what they have learned over their time at UT. 

Adopting Austin's Urban Coffee Culture

Regular and decaf are not your only options anymore and the days of getting endless refills of auto-drip at your local diner are long gone. In its place are sleek, trendy coffee shops serving up artisan drinks and a community atmosphere that have reshaped the face of Austin’s urban coffee culture.


Consumers are more knowledgeable than ever when it comes to their drinks, the brewing processes and the origin of the beans and the “3rd wave movement” makes it hard for rookie coffee drinkers to get their foot in the door.

“We are not the pretentious coffee shop,” says Stephanie Williams, co-owner of Bennu Coffee.

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UT Landmark Draws Stares

There is something about a well-worn, aluminum canoe that invokes feelings of nostalgia or of one’s childhood, but dozens of canoes is a different story. That is exactly what Nancy Rubins’ ‘Monochrome for Austin,’ the latest addition to the Landmarks program, is.

UT Landmarks is a public art program at UT-Austin. The program is responsible for decorating the entire campus with visuals — many of which are sculpture, but some are more abstract. It is funded by a small percentage of the capital cost of new construction and major renovations.

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Austin Likes to Laugh


There is something naturally contagious about laughter, but what is it? It could be the product of a sly comment from a friend or a punchy joke by a comedian. Whether it’s inane, heartfelt or cheerful people simply love laughing and Austinites are no exception.

There are more than a dozen comedy clubs and improv theaters in and around Austin. The thriving community of comedians and aspiring comedians are provoking roars of laughter all over.

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Video Games: From Concept to Console

Video games have come a long way since the days of Atari’s PONG or Super Nintendo’s Duck Hunt. Today 59 percent of Americans play video games and the industry brings in more than $21 billion in revenue each year. However, long gone are the days of video games being played on game consoles that are tethered to an outlet.

Now video game consoles are portable laptop computers, totable tablets, handheld players and pocketable smartphones. There are video game development courses at the college level, an industry full of creative, driven developers and a consumer audience eager to play the latest games.

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