Elizabeth Suzann Diversity Campaign / by Katelyn Orlowski

If you know me, you know I'm always talking about buying products that are made in the USA. From clothing to furniture and everything in between. Buying less and buying local isn't always easy. Elizabeth Suzann has always been a go-to brand for me and I am overjoyed to have been invited to take part in the ES Diversity Campain. Back in August I meet 12 other women of all shapes, sizes, and colors and got to be photographed in her Signature Collection and am still bursting with excitement!

While I was in Nashville I got a sneak peek of the making of an ES garment from fabric to fabrication to distribution and I got to meet the entire ES team, the women who are part of the diversity campaign, their darling family members. What was most striking was as the day wore on the women who represented a diverse slice of the ES customer all ended up being so familiar to me. I'm happy to say I made lifelong friends that day and had the opportunity to represent a brand and a community I am passionate about. Every purchase counts and we should all be doing our part to support each other! #elizabethsuzann


From Liz:


Each of these women is wildly different. They have different occupations, different family lives, different body types, different skin colors, different tastes in food, different stories. They became individuals in different parts of the world, in different decades, and under different circumstances. The motivation for this campaign was to highlight how different and varied our customer base is and to paint a more accurate picture of the incredible women who are the beating heart of ES. But ironically, the thing I can't stop thinking about now is how much each of these women had in common with each other. They are all fiercely intelligent - holding a meaningful conversation all weekend long. They were so welcoming and kind, lifting each other up and supporting each other continuously. Each one shared a deep appreciation for the things that matter in life - their families, friendships, and purpose. They were all full of laughter, good questions, and encouragement. I can't help but feel like these women - and all of our customers - are cut from a special cloth. Surrounded by such happy, radiant people, I truly felt overwhelmed by the goodness of humanity.

To the thirteen women that traveled here to shoot with us, and to every one of our customers and followers across the world that are a part of this community: Thank you for being yourselves, for being honest and kind, for being intelligent and witty, for embracing your own strength and beauty, for being part of something big, and for giving me something to believe in.


x Kate