Donating Hats to the Hospital / by Katelyn Orlowski

I was recently asked by my cousin Courtney if I would be interested in knitting up some baby hats to donate to the hospital in honor of the fourth anniversary of her dear friend's still birth. I was more than happy to whip up a quick hat or two and send them home along with my Mother's Day gift.

The pattern I used was the Purl Bee's Garter Ear Flap Hat which comes out to be this adorable little pointed elfish looking hat. What attracted me to the pattern was the simplicity and coverage of this hat on the ears.

Since I was asked to knit the hats so last minute I went ahead and used a cake of yarn I previously made a pair of booties out of. At the point where the hat starts to decrease, I didn't think I would have enough yarn so I went ahead and omitted the third and fourth rounds from the decrease portion of the pattern.

The hat during the blocking process and the finished piece.

The hat still turned out great and ended up looking more like a rounded cap than the elfish hat the Purl Bee made. I am really happy with the way it looks and look forward to giving it away for such an honorable cause.